Like her luxury jewelry brand BECK jewels, Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz’s  home is a fitting representation of her one-of-a-kind style. Combining elements of travel, style and laid-back elegance, each detail in the home holds significant meaning.

Rebecca welcomes us into her unique Brooklyn studio apartment for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into her personal life.


How would you describe your home’s design aesthetic?
The interior of our home is a fusion of our Caribbean upbringing with pieces my husband and I have discovered on our travels. I love mixing styles, playing with color and art to create a warm and inviting space. We love to surround ourselves with our work within the spaces we live.

Rebecca’s Living Room

Do you have a favorite room in your home?
Our living room, it holds a collection of so many wonderful memories and little mementos of our favorite trips! It’s like living in an eternal vacation!

Rebecca’s Living Room

What is your favorite item? What is the story behind it?
Our dining room table, my husband made it. My husband loves carpentry, he uses a ton of local refurbished wood. He made us a huge dining table and we hosted 25 family members this past Christmas! It was magical. I also cherish our record collection, each one holds a special story.

Rebecca’s Dining Table

How does your professional career as a jewelry designer impact your interior design choices?
I’m inspired by the same things both in my jewelry and in my home. I also love color. I try to incorporate that in both my home and pieces. Above all I want my guest or client to feel special…

Rebecca’s Living Room

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from a merging of everything that stimulates me, a beautiful hotel, an incredible interview, a magazine cover, the colors of a restaurant or a dress… my pieces are an extension of everything that excites me.

I love sitting outside of cafes and people watching for inspiration. I sketch or make little notes on the special details that catch my eye. We are currently in Paris. I adore seeing how the ladies put themselves together. At the moment, I loved seeing all the beautifully delicate socks worn with beat-up sneakers, tall boots paired with retro midi dresses and the return of the bouncy, feminine blowout.

I also love finding tons of amazing inspiration at

About Rebecca: Originally from the Dutch Caribbean,  Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz, designs and crafts each BECK jewels collection from her Brooklyn, NY apartment. With a passion for art, Rebecca studied  in Florence, Italy in hopes of being inspired by “the masters”.  However, it was not until her apprenticeship at Carolina Herrera New York that she became truly inspired to create her own jewelry line. During this time, Rebecca was exposed to a sophisticated lifestyle, not typically associated with her country. As a result, the young designer used BECK jewels to depict a new image of the isalnd, Curacao, and to introduce it artistically to the world.
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Facebook: @BECKdesigns
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April 25, 2017 — Stacy Garcia

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