Welcome to June! This month, we’re inspired by Summer’s favorite treat: the s’more. We’re taking specific inspiration from the delicious gooey center and showing our love for the hue Marshmallow. Like its confectionary namesake, Marshmallow can be a stand-alone neutral that makes a drastic impact, or the perfect complement to bolder color. As enthusiasts of unique color combinations, we're grateful for soft shades like Marshmallow for offering a color reprieve from brighter hues and for its ability to enhance bold, eye catching elements. Whether you’re a complete color-lover or looking to make a full commitment to Marshmallow, read on for our tips on how to use our color crush in your space!

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_ColorCrush_MarshmallowPhotography credit: Unsplash, Shop Stacy Garcia: Squared Away White Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Going all in with this hue can be truly impactful. Textural elements are key to keeping a monochromatic space feeling rich and modern, as texture can simultaneously create visual interest and calming energy within a space. In the space below designed by Chad James, we love the abundant mix of materials used to bring this neutral space to life: the faux fur rug, the crisp bed linens, and the architectural details of the ceiling, just to name a few. These elegant elements make this room brim with personality, while remaining completely neutral.

Design by Chad James Group, Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck


With the right pieces, an all-white room can make a statement. Since soft neutrals like Marshmallow have more longevity in the home, we love the idea of using this hue on core pieces in your space like on a sofa or bed. Making a luxe white couch an investment piece doesn’t have to be scary! It’s all about the materials. We’re huge fans of Crypton, for their high-performance, spill-proof fabrics that don’t sacrifice style.

Photo Credit: Crypton


White can provide a foundation to let bold color shine, without over-saturating a space. In this bathroom, the gorgeous tile and bold blue accents stand out and make the space look complete. When such an exciting color is paired against Marshmallow, very little additional styling is necessary. Some fresh flowers, your favorite bubble bath, and you’re good to go.

Photography by Chastity Cortijo for Unsplash


If you find yourself gravitating towards fantastic accessories and colorful furnishings, white walls can be the perfect partner. Marshmallow in a room filled with exciting throw pillows and beautiful florals allow the personality of the décor to shine without being overwhelming on the eye. Don’t be afraid to get bold with your favorite colors on your rug, your curtains, etc. Marshmallow will keep the look expressive and fun, but not overwhelming.

Design by Christopher Kennedy


When you picture an art gallery, what color do you picture the walls? White, right? The soft white walls allow the gorgeous color of a painting, or the full landscape of a beautiful photo to be shown off to their fullest potential. Your favorite prints, cherished photographs, or even a few dimensional pieces are the perfect partner to Marshmallow. (Need some tips on how to create your perfect gallery wall? Check out our post explaining on how to do it here!)

Photography by Darren Richardson for Unsplash

Are you going to give Marshmallow White a try this month? Shop our picks below, and be sure to tag us @stacygarciainc if you do!

June 01, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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