Happy September! Summer is winding down and Autumn is right around the corner. We drew inspiration this month from all corners of life and found ourself drawn to the golden hue of Modern Antiquity. Whether it’s from the last small slivers of summer sun or a little bit of residual Olympic fever – this metallic shade is appearing all over the place from subtle details to bold moments. Read on for our favorite ways to incorporate Modern Antiquity into your space!


Using Modern Antiquity in wallpaper patterns, drapery, and accessories can create a fusion of luxurious style. It’s important to break it up so it doesn’t become too extreme, so try incorporating multiple pieces that have touches of Modern Antiquity. In this space by Kristen McCoryModern Antiquity has subtle moments in multiple patterns and fixtures allowing it all to cohesively flow.

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_ColorCrushStardustDesign by Kristen McCory 


We love Modern Antiquity for its’ ability to work with a variety of elements. In this example, the metal accents pull into the sepia of the photos on the wall, and tie in perfectly with the pillow on the couch. Even though a space with white walls can sometimes seems uninteresting, paired with the right accessories and dramatic accents, especially those matching Modern Antiquity, it can be a show stopper.

Collov Interior Design for Unsplash


Add a little elegance with Modern Antiquity! Have a bathroom that needs upgrading? Use gold/brassy fixtures to add a bit of polish. We love this example with the way it combines subtle brassy elements with marble to create a simple chic look that’s not too overdone.

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_ColorCrushStardustChristian Mackie for Unsplash


Modern Antiquity doesn't have to be, well, antiquated. If you're looking for a space that has subtle nods to this warm rich hue, but with a bit of fun, try mixing in bold greens, deep reds, or a bold black for dramatic contrast. We love this example because of the varying gold shades, along with an inviting green wall.


If you're not sharing in this metallic moment, that's okay! You can still experiment with Modern Antiquity in small doses. Whether it's trim or detailed accessories, a tray with bronze hardware, sconces, or even taking it to the next level and adding a little trim DIY style - Modern Antiquity works strongly to accent additional colors and features in your space!

From left to right: Shop Stacy Garcia Brass Backlit Sconce and Antique Brass Finish Vase, Jana Phipps a.k.a. "Trim Queen" Embellish Box, Shop Stacy Garcia Round Marble Decorative Tray

What do you think of our illuminating inspiration? Browse our Modern Antiquity picks from the shop, and let us know if you give any of these tips a try! 

September 20, 2021 — Amy Nercessian

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