Image Shown from Clockwise from Top Left: Kyle Johnson via unsplashJosh Rose via unsplash, Stacy Garcia Commercial Textiles Kaleidoscope Collection – Emphasis (Night Fall)Ryan Phillips visa unsplash

Envision the dark night sky as it illuminates from a single crack of lightening…the mysteriously endless nature of this dark and absorbent color gives off a sense of power and strength. Inspired by this deep teal blue that fills the atmosphere, Zeus is a rich, luxurious tone we’re loving when translated into a color to live with. Whether using this color in a dark, intense color palette or in a palette where it acts as the standing force, this color can be used to create a feeling of empowerment. See our favorite palettes featuring Zeus below.


Left: Justin Essah via unsplash Right: Designs by Human

Indulge into the depths of the unknown with the Medusa Palette. From deep ocean blues to dark merlot & plum tones, this palette has a fierce, yet surprisingly sophisticated edge to it. We’re loving this look for a powerful, feminine business outfit or in a bedroom to create a feeling of romance and sensuality.


Left: Apostolos Vamvouras via unsplash Right: JLV Creative Photo by Reagen Taylor

Experience a sense of serenity as you escape into a light & airy atmosphere of soft pastels which seemingly blend into one another. Bring yourself back to earth with the grounding tone of Zeus as it brings all of the colors together for a complete story. Use this palette for a casual day to day outfit or in a bright & welcoming entryway.


Use Pantone 548 C and the Stacy Garcia products below!

Product Shown from Left: Stacy Garcia | New York Transitions Collection – Triad (Teal)Stacy Garcia | New York for Townsend Leather – Candid (Turquoise), Stacy Garcia Commercial for Tarkett – Composite (168)

November 25, 2019 — Stacy Garcia

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