Betsy Karp, known as the “Color Coach”, believes color is an expression of the light within your being, while the home is an external manifestation of the soul. She helps people color-soul their homes and lives by bringing in color through decoration, furniture, accents, and art to act as an inspirational force for healing, empowerment, and excitement. We spoke to her and she gave us a helpful list of colors to reference when exploring the mood you are trying to create in your home.

Betsy Karp, The Color Coach


I asks my clients, “What’s the feeling you want when you come home? Do you want to feel relaxed in soft blues, sea foams, and pale lavenders? Or, are you ready to paint the town with vibrant, sexy reds, purples, and oranges to get you moving? I’m ready to take you on a color adventure!” Their answers reveal which colors are currently speaking to their soul, and which colors they should be actively letting into their home. The most important question I propose is “What colors turn you on?” I have found that people shy away from an abundance of bold color, and feel safer sticking with neutrals, whites, and earth tones. Though this could lead to a very colorless space, there are ways to bring color in. In fact, it is the bold color accents in neutral homes that truly lift and light.

Betsy Karp’s HomePhoto by Kylie Mitchell

Your living space reflects who you are. If you feel as if you’re lacking passion and energy, a great first step is experimenting at home with adding color and seeing how it makes you feel. Color evokes so many emotions and when we get in tune with where our soul wants to be, we can use beautiful palettes to open up fresh perspectives within the home. Each color has a specific energy and benefit to it. Included below is a color list for you to reference when exploring colors in your home.

Anne Rainey Rokahr – Parlor


Pink is the color of unconditional love, compassion, and nurturing the self. It’s playful, romantic, and a huge sign of hope. It calms and restores our emotional energy, alleviating our feelings of anger, abandonment, and neglect. It works great as accents in intimate spaces, bringing in the energy of self-love.

Fer Studios – Split LightHouse


White is the color of new beginnings and clean slates. It is a fresh new approach to stimulating the senses and allowing for new creations. It’s peaceful, calming, and inspires efficiency, making it a great color to help you declutter your life and home. Be careful though, too much of a white environment can cause things to look cold and sterile.

JLV Designs – Timonier, Photo by Caroline C Tan


Purple is the color of wealth, fantasy, spirituality, and imagination. It expands our awareness, connecting us to our highest and most divine self. It’s a color that helps you to daydream and escape from the everyday realities of life. A very soft hue of lavender is wonderful for sleep and relaxation.

Designs By Human – East Harlem Residence, Manhattan, NY


Blue is the color of trust, responsibility, and inner confidence. It provides physical and mental relaxation, making it perfect for the bedroom. It’s the most popular color and it is used throughout homes all over the world. And if you want to lose weight, it’s a color to put in your kitchen for it suppresses the appetite.

Stay tuned for how to incorporate more color into your home and be sure to check out Betsy Karp’s page at The Color Coach!

August 27, 2018 — Stacy Garcia

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