On the very first Design Uncensored of May, Stacy hosted the “Queen of Maximalist Style,” Bari J. Bari’s iconic style is filled with bold florals and expressive pattern. A painter and fine artist, Bari is also a licensing maven creating fabrics, art collections, bedding collections, and so much more. Keep reading for our top takeaways from the episode!


Bari shared with us a little bit about how she got started. “I was a creative, but I wasn’t always an artist..” Bari explains. With a little bit of a graphic design background, Bari started creating her very own fabric for handbags she made and sold. Her creations grew, and she ended up licensing her first fabric collection in 2009.


Design by Bari J.


It’s easy to find yourself captivated by Bari’s gorgeous Instagram feed (@barij). It’s filled with beautiful images of her home, décor, artwork and the things that inspire her. However, her captions are just as incredible too. Bari, a former copywriter with experience in writing copy for real estate, and even Southern Living Visa inserts, her creative language begin to shine through on Instagram. Finding herself bored with the app, Bari explains, “The app just wants you to create create create to get seen, so I’m just going to create more of a fantasy world, the world I want to live in.” Bari’s writing on the app come from a lens of being “another person” stemming from her thoughts that day, or from a place she’d like to be.



Design by Bari J.


Bari just launched her new fabric collection, Eve, with Art Gallery Fabrics. We also got to hear a little bit about Bari’s book! Titled Bloom Wild, Bari describes it as a “free spirited guide to decorating with floral patterns. The book is all about mixing and matching florals, completed with Bari’s personal tips as well as examples of her own work. Bari mixes all the things she loves for incredible spaces, and shows her tried and true formulas to do the same.


Design by Bari J.

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About Bari J.

Bari J. Ackerman is an artist, author, designer, home decor expert and founder of the floral-filled Bari J. lifestyle brand. After getting her start in licensing in 2009 with roots in textile design, Bari now has products ranging from bolt fabric and wallpaper to home decor and wall art as well as dishes, mugs, cards, stationery, and tech cases.


May 11, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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