Ready for another inspiring discussion on trend & design with Stacy’s weekly live series Design Uncensored? On the ninth episode, Stacy hosts an intriguing conversation with President and CEO, Charles Pavarini of Pavarini Design, a luxury architectural interior designer. With over 33 industry awards for various projects, including all of his work with Kips Bay Showhouse, Charles discusses his design philosophy, revealing a deeper meaning in his work.



Not every design project has the same starting point. For Charles, one of his main inspirations is how the room and structure speaks to him. Looking at how the natural and artificial light hit the space and determining how the color will play off it are huge factors to consider. “You can’t talk about color without talking about light”, Charles says. In his design for the 2015 Kips Bay Showhouse, he took a very unique approach to the walls by combining 5 different shades of blue with 10 pounds of blue eyeshadow to create a dynamic look. This resulted in a space that changes color as you moved around it, providing an intriguing experience for anyone who enters the room.

2015 Kips Bay Showhouse “Midnight Manhattan Lounge” by Charles Pavarini III 


After being in our homes for such a long period of time, we should start to consider making some changes. According to Charles, we don’t need to be splurging on new furniture, but can simply move the objects and accessories we love around to a new location, creating a new type of energy in the space. Charles recalls a  project where he took the client’s black, grey and white tie dye sofa and moved it to the other side of the room, using the statement piece to pull you into the space. Another good point Charles mentions is creating vignettes in your home for virtual meetings so others aren’t either distracted or receiving mixed messages by the background.

Pavarini Design


Although the home office is a critical space right now, it’s equally important that we have somewhere to relax and reset. Charles suggests creating a meditative space in your home where you’ll want to “subtract rather than add” objects. Chromatherapy, or the usage of light and color to alter our mental and physical states, is another technique Charles has been working on with the Ronald McDonald House where he creates rooms that are totally programmed for healing. In these spaces, he uses a pad on the wall to read your mood, then the whole room fades into a color that will help assist the user. At the end of the day, Charles believes a room is meant for more than just the visual senses.

2018 Kips Bay House Showhouse “Home Wellness Retreat” By Charles Pavarini III 


Charles Pavarini III graduated at the top of his class with a B.F.A. in Architecturally Based Interior Design, winning the Bronze Medal for Design Achievement in 1980. After working as Design Assistant to the legendary International Designer, Ruben de Saavedra, ASID, Charles gained pivotal career-building experience which allowed him the opportunity to develop his own design sensibility–thereby setting his own firm into motion in 1981. As President and CEO of Pavarini Design, Charles maintains his position as design director within the company and as a Kips Bay Designer having completed 6 rooms, every 3 years since 2003.

Pavarini’s design style has evolved into a highly poetic blend of traditional and contemporary design elements, carefully developed from a strong interior concept.  All of his projects hinge around a powerful central design theme and maintain a certain ‘vision’ which is always dramatically executed given Charles’ keen sense of color, style, and use of lighting as a ‘design tool’.

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July 14, 2020 — Stacy Garcia

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