Ready for another inspiring discussion on trend & design with Stacy’s weekly live series Design Uncensored? On the eleventh episode, Stacy hosts an intriguing conversation with NYC based artist, designer and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Sutton. Known for her colorful, eye-catching works of art and beautiful butterflies, Elizabeth shares her inspiring story along with insight into color trends for the upcoming months.



When asking Elizabeth what trends she was seeing right now, she answered, “In my mind, I set trends. I try not to look around at what goes on around me because I feel that it convolutes my brain.”  Elizabeth has had an immense amount of success creating her one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by what she finds beautiful from her travels or nature. She mentions how a major transformation in her life is what truly began her obsession with her signature design: the butterfly. After traveling to Costa Rica and other locations studying these gorgeous creatures, she came to understand the true symbol of them, something that really spoke her emotionally, resulting in designs others may be able to create a deeper connection with.

Elizabeth Sutton Collection: “My Most Precious Memories”


As mentioned, transformation is a something that plays a big role in Elizabeth’s designs. But not only emotionally and mentally, also physically through the different processes and techniques in which she has used over the years as an artist. Elizabeth’s current profession is actually something she taught herself, using tapes, knives, and scissors and playing with balance, composition and spacial factors. When beginning to paint murals, she turned to WPAP, a Cubist-inspired style of geometric pop art recognizable by their sharp lines and wild, vibrant color schemes. One of the major reasons she painted in this style for portraits was to avoid licensing issues when depicting famous figures such as Marilyn Monroe and now George Floyd which was recently featured on the back Bella magazine.

Elizabeth Sutton Collection: “Catch the Rainbow”


I’m sure we’ve all noticed the butterfly trend happening right now, which makes Elizabeth spot on with her signature design, but what colors can we expect to see this Fall?  Elizabeth was excited to mention a retro color palette, composed of deep plums, saturated cognacs, and luxurious navys paired with rich, warm creams. Although many of her works are extremely vibrant and colorful, (which she has a very strong clientele for) she understands not everyone likes bright colors as it takes a certain type of personality to rock it. This more toned down color palette will be easy to live with and create a sense of comfort as we enter into the cooler months.

Earth, Wind & Fire Color Palette by Elizabeth Sutton for Janovic


Elizabeth Sutton is a 30 year old NYC based artist, designer, entrepreneur, and single mother of two. Her designs range from fine art and limited edition prints to award winning tile collections, a fashion accessories line, and wallpaper collections. Elizabeth’s brand is known as genuine, hardworking, resilient, and passionate. The brand’s social media sees 35% engagement rates, and Sutton’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Luxe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and many more.

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July 29, 2020 — Stacy Garcia

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