Summer is here, and so is another inspiring discussion on trend and design. This week, Stacy hosted the incredible Kristen McCory. Kristen is a Connecticut-based interior designer well-known for taking risks with a sophisticated, color-centric style. With a reputation for creating rooms that up-end traditional design, her designs are grounded in comprehensive palettes merged with an underlying passion for unique textures. When coupled with her inherent love of unexpected details, McCory’s spaces become three-dimensional realizations of a vision shared between her and her clients.

See our 3 key takeaways from the discussion below!

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_DesignUncensored_KristenMcCoryDesign by Kristen McCory


Kristen is known for color and layering pattern on pattern. How does she do it so it doesn’t look crazy? “I think a lot of it has to do with the scale and proportion,” Kristen explains. She notes the importance of taking steps back. Does it look more like a texture than a pattern from back there? What does it look like when walking into the room? All of the colors and details come into play.  

ShopStacyGarica_LifeStyledbySG_DesignUncensored_KristenMcCoryDesign by Kristen McCory 


For Kristen, transparency is key. If someone’s looking to hire a designer research is key. Know who you’re hiring as a designer, and make sure they align with the design aesthetic you’re looking for. Designer tip: There’s a difference between showing your designer what you’re inspired by and showing them an exact space you’d like to re-create. A great designer won’t be a copycat, but will create a beautiful, unique space just for you.


Design by Kristen McCory 


Kristen offers something a little different in how she completes a project. How does Kristen make her finishing touches? Throughout the project, she’s looking out. If Kristen sees something she likes along the way she’ll grab it, but the day before she shops. “On the day of the install, we bring it all in and leave a sheet of the prices. 90% of the time, when they see it all together, they realize they need the complete look and purchase most of the stuff,” Kristen says. She mentions that she doesn’t present accessories until the very end, unless they’re major custom pieces.

Design by Kristen McCory 

About Kristen McCory 

Kristen McCory began McCory Interiors in 2008. As an educated designer, with a degree in Interior Design and Surface Pattern Design from Syracuse University, Kristen balances her expert eye with your personal lifestyle. She has been recognized for being witty and imaginative in both design and personality. Working with confidence and intention, she expands the limits of possibility while classically composing each space. Kristen has extensive experience collaborating with licensed architects, contractors, and artisans, creating a masterful team that in the end will make your home feel personal, wholly unique, and support modern life.

June 28, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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