Ready for another inspiring discussion on trend & design with Stacy’s weekly live series Design Uncensored? On the second episode, Stacy hosts a conversation with interior designer, Michel Smith Boyd of SMITH BOYD INTERIORS known for his Bravo TV Series, Buying It Blind, and luxurious residential design projects.

Below are 3 key takeaways from the discussion.



Any designers job is to make it look easy and this is the case for designers on TV as well. However, similar to the design process, there also comes speed bumps and obstacles when filming a show. According to Michel’s experience filming Bravo’s Buying It Blind, it wasn’t all as glamorous as it seems…from out of pocket expenses, to getting dressed inside a car right before filming,  to being responsible for all the resourcing, designing and installing, the process was a little unanticipated. For those considering the limelight, it’s his advice to reach out to people with experience on television and ask as many questions as possible so you can learn what to expect.

Interior by Michel Smith Boyd


The idea of luxury is different to everyone. To one person it might mean owning a gold watch or Cadillac where for Michel it means something more experiential such as taking a trip to the best hotel and eating at a 3-star-Michelin restaurant. When dealing with design, it’s your job to create a space that brings your client a sense of pride and joy such as these things do in order to achieve their definition of luxury. It should be a space that speaks to them where they can make great memories and look back at a life with a sense of fulfillment. Click to check out Michel’s YouTube channel, “How to Luxury”.

Interior by Michel Smith Boyd


“Whether you like authentic people or not, authenticity is something people can identify with,” Michel explains. Being transparent with both yourself and others will result in stronger business relationships, better service and essentially happier clients. So continue to rediscover yourself, including the good, the bad, the ugly and even the potential, and you’ll see that you start to become better in your profession. Designers especially can relate with this sense of authenticity because they’re constantly connecting with clients to figure out their passions and what makes them unique.

Interior by Michel Smith Boyd

SMITHBOYD Interiors was established in 2006. The interior design firm was the vision of founder/creative director Michel Smith Boyd and has evolved from a one-man operation to a boutique firm of eight, specializing in luxury residential and commercial projects nationwide.

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May 20, 2020 — Stacy Garcia

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