Ready for another inspiring discussion on trend & design with Stacy’s weekly live series Design Uncensored? On the third episode, Stacy hosts a conversation with President of Color Marketing Group, Peggy Van Allen, known for her expertise in color trend forecasting.

See 3 key takeaway from the discussion below!

1. A LOOK INTO 2021

Just as we forecast trends 2 years ahead in our design studio, Color Marketing Group takes a very similar approach. In doing their research for 2021 colors, they noticed that perception of time has changed where we’re altering the way we work and connect with one another as we’ve become more flexible in regards to time zones and accessibility. This inspired the group’s color trend for North America, Time Warp, which is based around warm and grounding colors to make people feel more rooted in a time where we feel somewhat up in the air. Time Warp’s key color, “Mist”, is a “cleansing breath” of blue meant to encourage positive energy as it evokes the feeling of dawn where we transition from night to day.

Color Marketing Group


Each year like-minded multi-industry color professionals from around the world join each other in a global discussion of future trends and color directions that drive the upcoming year’s World Color Forecast. Open to anyone who has to use color for their job, this is a full day where people present their color story and as a group work together to narrow down to the top 3 color stories. Once these are determined, they look back at the colors everyone brought and again narrow those down to match each color story. From here, a North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and European forecast is established to result in the World Color Forecast each year. Click to learn more!

Virtual ChromaZone


“If you say you’re a color forecaster, people don’t truly understand it”, according to Peggy. She instead considers herself a “color anthropologist”  because her job is really a study of human behavior, observing the way we respond to certain things in order to come up with color palettes that resonate with consumers. With her own business, Colorfuel, she works with a broad range of home industry clients from paint, to roof, and even grout companies to consult on color.



A not-for-profit, international association of color design professionals, Color Marketing Group® is a forum for the exchange of all things color.  Members represent a broad spectrum of designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists.
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Peggy Van Allen, the founder of Colorfuel, is a designer and color anthropologist with a background in graphic design and experience in trend research, visual merchandising and palette development. Her unique skill set allows her to visually communicate the complexities of color in a way that is both inspirational and educational. Trend forecasting is integral to the success of design and color palette development.
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May 27, 2020 — Stacy Garcia

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