If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram in awe of bold and beautiful interior design, you’ve probably come across Tina Bousu (aka @eclectic_twist) and her artfully designed home. She describes herself as a passionate design addict, and believes our homes should reflect who we are, be beautiful and make us feel all the good feels. We're so excited to give you a look inside her eclectic paradise and share a little on the inspiration behind the gorgeous design!


Tina Bousu, Eclectic Twist

Tina lives in her home with her husband and 4 kids, describing her family as "homebodies that like to have fun!" With a home so creative and exciting, we'd be homebodies too. Tina shares that she is “a big believer in loving where you live and that your home environment should be as inspiring and creative as you are.” Tina found these stools on Facebook marketplace, and brought them into her home adding vibrancy and personality. Sometimes, the best pieces come to us in the most unexpected ways.

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_HomeTour_Eclectictwist_Apr142021Tina Bousu, Eclectic Twist

The master bathroom was designed for the One Room Challenge in 2020. We love the way the brass accents in the tub match the sparkle in the tile. Describing her design style Tina adds that she uses color in imaginative ways. She brings in plants, like in this bathroom, and uses vintage/secondhand pieces that tell as story. "All these elements come together for an ever evolving home style."

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_HomeTour_EclecticTwist_Apr142021Tina Bousu, Eclectic Twist

There's no shortage of variety in her spaces, ranging from a whimsical imagination evoking office, to a sophisticated yet old world main bedroom and bathroom, to a jungle inspired powder bath to a bold yet cozy media room.  

Tina Bousu, Eclectic Twist

"Every space has a style with a coordinating emotion.  I want folks to feel something in my spaces." Mission accomplished, Tina! 

Tina Bousu, Eclectic Twist

1. Shop Stacy Garcia White Contour Floor Lamp, 2. Shop Stacy Garcia White Tassel Throw Blanket, 3. Shop Stacy Garcia Navy Velvet Throw Pillow, 4. Pink Velvet Throw Pillows 5. Shop Stacy Garcia Orange Pom Pom Pillow 6. Shop Stacy Garcia Antique Brass Sculptural Table Lamp 7. Bedside Table 8. Shop Stacy Garcia Faux Shearling White Bench 9. Shop Stacy Garcia Variegated Calla Lily in Planter 10. Shop Stacy Garcia Green Curved Chair 11. Shop Stacy Garcia Faux Fur Throw Pillow 12. Faux Floral Centerpiece 13. Shop Stacy Garcia Multicolor Abstract Hand Knotted Area Rug 14. Shop Stacy Garcia Driftwood Coffee Table


If you're looking to bring some of this eclectic style to your space, check out some more of our Shop Stacy Garcia pieces below!



Tina Bousu, Interior Stylist
Tina Bousu is an interior stylist, DIY'er, entrepreneur, and mom of 4. She's a passionate design addict that believes our homes should reflect who we are, be beautiful and make us feel all the good feels.
To learn more, follow Tina on Instagram @eclectic_twist, or click here to visit her website.
Do you have a well designed home that you'd like to see featured on our home tours? Email grayson@stacygarciainc.com for more information.


April 22, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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