Inspired by memories of a much-loved grandmother, this lively home designed by Kristen McCory of McCory Interiors plays host to a thoroughly modern mix of vibrant color and traditional elements. The home's calling card pink accents weave through a curated collection of art and legacy furnishings, creating a home that speaks directly to its homeowners. We're so excited to give you a look inside and share a little on the inspiration behind the gorgeous design!

Design by McCory Interiors, Photography by Chris Delaney

Inspiration, they say, comes from the most unexpected places. In the case of this Hartford, Connecticut, home, interior designer Kristen McCory of McCory interiors shares that "influences ranged from the homeowner's collection of family portraits to the classic lines of the house itself and included a sentimental nod to the homeowner's beloved grandmother." We love the way McCory ties the bright pink hues to soft wall paper and vintage accessories. All the differing elements come together to make a creative space, where every detail is exceptional.

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_HomeTour_McCoryInteriors_3112021Design by McCory Interiors, Photography by Chris Delaney

Drawing on her deep-rooted appreciation for – and unwavering devotion to – the history and application of decorative arts, McCory approaches projects from a sophisticated color-centric perspective, and this project is no exception. The attention to detail in carefully selecting embroidered pillows and patterned chairs creates a rich mix of color and pattern that works together flawlessly. 

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_HouseTour_McCoryInteriors_Mar12021Design by McCory Interiors, Photography by Chris Delaney

"It was her bright, and fairly specific, pink lipstick that served as the jumping-off point in many of the family's primary living spaces. This vivid shade delivers a fresh modern touch to the home's traditional underpinnings, while simultaneously giving life to the happy memories the homeowner has associated with it! A sentimental inspiration, such as a personal favorite lipstick, carries throughout the home and makes us feel like we're a part of the happy memories."

Design by 
McCory Interiors, Photography by Chris Delaney

In addition to its memory-laden bright accents, McCory's design incorporates layer upon layer of visual interest by mixing pattern, color, and texture. 


Design by McCory Interiors, Photography by Chris Delaney

From colorful draperies sitting on hand-painted floors in the dining room to the sublime pairing of subtly patterned wallpaper matched with animal prints in the foyer, each turn yields visual surprises and thoughtful details galore. It is these same details that guarantee this is a home sure to inspire emotional memories of its own!

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_HomeTour_McCoryInteriors_Mar12021Design by McCory Interiors, Photography by Chris Delaney


Interior Designer, Kristen McCory

Kristen McCory began McCory Interiors in 2008. As an educated designer, with a degree in Interior Design and Surface Pattern Design from Syracuse University, Kristen balances her expert eye with your personal lifestyle. She has been recognized for being witty and imaginative in both design and personality. Working with confidence and intention, she expands the limits of possibility while classically composing each space. Kristen has extensive experience collaborating with licensed architects, contractors, and artisans, creating a masterful team that in the end will make your home feel personal, wholly unique, and support modern life.


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March 02, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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