Freddy Grant, a curator at Bluethumb (Australia’s largest online art gallery), welcomes us into his eclectic and unsurprisingly art-filled home. Here, he was able to bring the passion for his work home, creating a space reflective of his personal taste and style. See what Freddy has to say about his newly renovated 1920’s home below!

Freddy Grant’s Home Photo by Megan George, Bluethumb


My house is a typical double-fronted Melbourne weatherboard built in 1920, furnished with a mainly orange and brown color palette, adding to the retro feel. The renovated open plan living area has an abundance of natural light and is what drew us to buying the house in the first place.  It’s perfect for hanging art which is fortunate as we have an ever growing art collection. The house has been the latest outlet for my creativity; hunting for things and putting them together with my lifetime of mementos to make a space I love, full of memories and meaning. I love houses that tell stories and everything in our house has a story behind it: a holiday, a home, a person, a nostalgic association. I could bore guests for hours, but promise I won’t unless you ask.

Freddy Grant, Curator at Bluethumb

Freddy Grant’s Home Photo by Megan George, Bluethumb


Pretty much everything we’ve bought for the house is second hand, either from flea markets or charity shops. I’ve always loved old things, but didn’t realize I had such an affinity for mid-century design and teak until we started buying forever pieces for our home. Finding the perfect space for the perfect thing is a great feeling. I think it’s human instinct to collect and arrange things – most people do it in some way – so I guess that’s why it gives you a rush and continues to be satisfying when you look at all the junk you’ve accumulated. My husband thinks I have a problem. I know we’ll use all the bargains I find one day.

Although I am an employee at Bluethumb, Australia’s largest online art gallery, I’m also one of their best customers. It’s exciting buying affordable artworks by big names like Kim Leutwyler and Jimmy Donegan, who’ve both won major Australian art prizes because they’re amazing and still surprisingly affordable.

Freddy Grant’s Home Photo by Megan George, Bluethumb


I love every spot, but possibly because of all the memories it holds, the mantelpiece above the fireplace is my favorite. Surrounding Erin Nicholls’ Rainy Day in 3D, part of Bluethumb’s charity collaboration Created With Care, are souvenirs from Burt’s and my life together, as well as knitted pieces by mum, a.k.a MadMonkeyKnits.

Freddy Grant’s Home Photo by Megan George, Bluethumb


1. Ceramic Hanging Planters – Nature’s Sunrise  2. Painting Book Page of Birds – American Crow Framed Art B12X3805 3.Amber Colored Water Glasses 4. OKSLO Steel Mallard Duck Whistling Tea Kettle 5. Red Pomegranate Pattern Design Canvas Throw Pillow Cover Case 18″ X 18″ 6. Stacy Garcia | New York for In2 Green Eco Modesto Throw 7.  Linon Wooden and Metal Adjustable Bar Stool 

June 13, 2019 — Stacy Garcia

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