Stylist and Designer of apartmentjeanieJeanie Engelbach, takes us back in time with her totally eclectic home filled with repurposed vintage pieces and nostalgic collectors items. When stepping into this apartment, we not only reminisce of our childhood, but we are instantly struck by the maximalism appeal of bright colors and bold pattern. To see where the inspiration for this fun and rather unusual design came from, we asked Jeanie a few questions about her home!

Jeanie Engelbach’s Home Photo by Rikki Snyder

What inspires your interior design style?
“I used to say my 9-year-old self-dictated my design style – cartoons, comics and candy however I like to think it has evolved or perhaps the execution of those same influences has matured. I still love candy colors, sparkles and glitter but there is more restraint in their application.”


Can you tell us about your collections and artwork?

“I tend to collect things based on childhood nostalgia or relatable interest – like soda. When incorporating them into my home, I wanted to do a mix of shapes, sizes and depth to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, living in a smaller open floor plan limits where I can hang art so, the space holds a little more than I wanted but the tradeoff is 3 pieces of art aren’t in storage in my father’s basement.

I’ve been collecting Pez since I was a teenager and usually kept them grouped in like categories until I decided to color block them like books or clothing. I was concerned the lack of collection cohesion would drive me mad, but the gradient color palette is super soothing. A Wayne White tray from Fishs Eddy serves a dual purpose – it contains the carnival chalkware and creates a sense of an intentional display and it allowed me store an oversize tray out in the open.”

Jeanie Engelbach’s Home Photo by Rikki Snyder

Can you also tell us how you chose the wallpaper and wall paint colors for the area?
“I have been coveting Flavor Paper’s Luxury in Golden Rose for years – it’s perfect, composed of, stripper heels, rainbows, diamonds, hot rods and interiors of private planes. When I moved to this rental apartment I decided to fully commit and cover as much as I could yet still allow space for my large art collection. I realized that I can’t live in a home that doesn’t have at least one wall painted in sunshine yellow, given the limited wall options, I went with the low kitchen ceiling. It adds an unexpected punch and brightens the darkest part of the apartment.”

Jeanie Engelbach’s Home Photo by Rikki Snyder

Can you also tell us how you used pieces you already had by giving them new purposes in your new space?
“One of my strongest work skills is my ability to creatively repurpose. Moving into a smaller space with zero budget for shopping forced me to be selective about what furniture would come with me and what new purpose would it serve. The Chinese sideboard that once was a media console and stored on-going client projects is now in the bedroom and houses all my photo albums and mementos. A yellow bench that sat under the windows of my old apartment has now been repurposed as the coffee table. Since I only brought 2 dining chairs with me, the bench will double as additional seating should I decide to host a dinner party or game night.”


1. Stacy Garcia | New York for In2Green, Eco Modesto Throw 2. Heather Ann Creations Standing Single Drawer Distressed Storage Cabinet 3. Urban Trends Ceramic Sitting British Bulldog Figurine 4. The Original Gypsy Color 4 Light Small Pink Chandelier 5. MLF Nelson Ball Clock in White, Designed by George Nelson 6. Ambesonne Queen Throw Pillow Cushion Cover 7. Swivel Retro Lounge Chair Duhome


April 17, 2019 — Stacy Garcia

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