Charles Pavarini, Home Wellness Retreat Interior

We are all overstimulated. We live a fast-paced lifestyle of running errands, going to work, and continuously staying “plugged into” to technology and to the world around us. As a result of this, we are always looking for new design solutions to help create a relaxing escape from our busy lives.  New York based Design Firm, Pavarini Design, is telling us all about how they create a calming space with a Home Wellness Retreat!


So you may be thinking, what is a Home Wellness Retreat?  Its most important feature is to provide an escape from stress-inducing behavior which deprives the body of its potential and to preserve sanctity of human behavior, undisturbed by our every-day electronics. Wellness and good design have a sense of balance in common.  Exercise, diet, emotional and social connections, relaxation and rejuvenation help each of us make good choices for a successful existence. Pavarini Design’s Wellness Retreat for Mind, Body and Spirit was presented at The Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2018 and I hope it will inspire you to incorporate ‘healthy’ design choices to influence your lives.

Charles Pavarini, Home Wellness Retreat Interior

One-on-one seating areas give one the opportunity for emotional connections thru conversation. The two areas have luxurious custom seating in a soft color palette of subtle grays, surrounded by crystals. The floor-pillows and low tea table is important in creating a healthy ritual (Tea serving) to partake-in for both rejuvenation of body and soul. The club chairs provide comfort for 1 on 1 conversation and meditation.  Surely, you can carve-out or rearrange a small space in your home to renew your relationships? Beautiful quartz and rock crystal forms, powerful healing stones, are judiciously placed on the room’s axes to foster natural energy vibrations within the space.

Charles Pavarini, Home Wellness Retreat Interior

A reading nook with a comfortable chaise lounge with views of the outdoors provides a good place to read and relax.  Time spent alone relaxing and reading is important to relieve stress and to foster inner-peace and tranquility.

Charles Pavarini, Home Wellness Retreat Interior

Good lighting design is now a state-of-the-art component for wellness. Winning a 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine the Ketra lighting system naturally serves to regulate human behavior and to heal the mind at the subconscious level by assisting the body to adjust hormone levels, metabolism, and sleep through exposure to natural color-changing light qualities that influence circadian rhythms and promote wellness.  What better location to receive a full-body massage than in your own home.

Ayurvedic principles are an integral part of our design for wellness and the scented candles, movement of air, soft music, and the sound of water trickling are key components.  Overlapping rugs made from silky bamboo fiber visually reinforce the aesthetic with their ethereal abstractions.

Charles Pavarini, Home Wellness Retreat Interior

What was once an open rooftop has become a secluded peace garden. Critical to the transformation of the space was the 12’ high tiled wall we envisioned to hide an unsightly chimney stack with 3 imbedded fountains for a continuous stream of water to trickle down and to complete the natural aesthetic.  Moss and greenery bring nature into focus from within the interior: the sight and sound of the terrace water feature and plantings block out distractions. Everyone needs an exterior space to meditate, practice Yoga, and for respite under the open sky. Allowing outside views of greenery and nature into your home or strategically placing plants inside a room will make a positive impact on mood and motivation.

Charles Pavarini, Home Wellness Retreat Interior

A Wellness Retreat should strive to foster a peace of mind within the individual through a keen vision of design that incorporates Ayurvedic elements to bring balance to the design vision.  Each element can promote the opportunity to relax and to escape the over-stimulus of everyday life. Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit contributes to our own sense of well-being which allows us to be our highest selves.

About Pavarini Design:
Pavarini Design is a full-scale New York based Award-Winning Interior Design Firm specializing in Architectural Interior Design, Custom Furniture Design and Lighting Design.  While many of their projects begin with new construction and full-scale renovations, they see nearly all projects through decoration and art selection to achieve a complete Interior Design concept.  Their work is widely recognized and well-known for its European flavor and very clear sense of style and sophistication whether traditional or contemporary.

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June 21, 2018 — Stacy Garcia

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