Sometimes all you need to pull off a designer look is a single, great statement pattern! Once you find a pattern that you are drawn to and speaks to the aesthetic you're trying to achieve, it can be difficult to decide where and how this pattern can be used. We hope that these tips and interiors can inspire your pattern decisions and turn you into a pro!


Using different patterns in your decor can be intimidating. But I promise, you can mix and match like a pro if you follow this rule...The trick when layering patterns, is to combine prints in different sizes (also referred to as scale). If you are new to pattern mixing stick to a single color palette and you will have a winner! The incredibly talented Gary Inman designed this stunning sitting room and totally hit it out of the park with this pattern play! 

Shop Stacy Garcia_How to Become a Pattern Pro_Interior by Gary InmanDesign by Gary Inman Interior Design, Photo by Kip Dawkins Photography


Not ready to mix and match patterns? Choose one bold design and use it on your chairs and your drapes! Another design by Gary Inman, we are totally loving the fabric that he used in this dining room. We also love how he used a fabulous solid blue for the host chairs on the ends to help ground the look.

Shop Stacy Garcia_How to Become a Pattern Pro_Interior by Gary Inman


Maybe you're not bold enough for either of these looks! In that case, switch to a more minimal design by using a tonal patterned area rug and a fun piece of artwork. If you're not ready to commit to large patterned pieces, then incorporate pattern into the space through decorative elements such as throw pillows, blankets and vases.

Shop Stacy Garcia_How to Become a Pattern Pro_Pillows, Vases, Area Rug, Decorative Objects, Throw Blankets, Artwork


Let's say you want to play it really safe! Test out your pattern limits by starting with a neutral color palette. Combine creamy beige with warm terracottas and smoky grays. Be sure to include different materials to add interest to the look and play with balance. Even when using different pattens, this type of palette will keep it from feeling busy or distracting while remaining a calm and soothing vibe.

Shop Stacy Garcia_How to Become a Pattern Pro_Shop Stacy Garcia_Sqaure Spotted Pouf, Orange & Black Geometric Knit Throw Blanket, Stripe Lumbar Pillow, Curvy Gold Drink Table
February 08, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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