Especially now, we want our guests to feel safe and comfortable when entering our homes. To accomplish this, there are many elements you can include in your entryway to make that first good impression. From warm colors, to soft textures, to sweet aromas, there are many things that can make a person feel comfortable and welcomed. To help you create your ideal entryway, we’re giving you some examples of gorgeous spaces so you can let style in!


Add function & purpose with a console table. Console tables are great to use in entryways as they are long and narrow and fit perfectly in this space. They can create a well-layered feel by providing a platform to things such as a lamp, tray, and decorative objects.

Design by Bardi Designs, Photography by Catherine Nguyen 


Bring in coziness with a rug. Choose a plush rug to ground and warm the foyer. This provides a beautiful decor element as well as gives off a sense of comfort as you greet guests into your home. Currently, a look that is really drawing us in is a traditional patterned rug that takes on a modern twist by using a bright and bold color palette!

Design by Kristen McCory


This tip comes from Leah and Sonia, the design stars of Gray Oak Studio. Are you decorating with an awkward angle, and not sure how to style it? Work WITH it! "Decorate the wall at the same angle of the stairs. We hung the art higher than the table lamp, mirroring the edge of the stairs. By working with the angle, you'll fill the entire wall and emphasize the tallest part of the angle. This will make the room feel bigger and balanced, despite the asymmetry of the staircase.⁠" P.S. This lamp is available on the shop! 


Design by Gray Oak Studio, Photography by Kendall Pestana.


Create interest with Décor. You can bring in faux or real foliage into the display by placing it in vases on the console table. Add unique, decorative objects that can serve as unique conversational pieces and help to set the tone for the rest of the space. Place large vases on the floor next to the console or a garden stool underneath to create a layered look.

Design by Betsy Brown Interior Design


Make a practical statement with a mirror. We all like to catch a glimpse of ourselves before heading out. Never miss this chance by hanging a mirror on a wall near the door. This can also serve as a statement décor piece!

Spacejoy for Unsplash 

Are any of these spaces inspiring you to change up your entryway? We've curated our picks from the shop that are sure to amp up your entryway style, check them out below! 

October 25, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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