Gallery walls have our attention! We are loving the idea of creating your own small art gallery in your space as a way to bring in color, pattern, texture and most of all, personality. Whether you start with a large blank wall in your home or an empty wall of your stairway, these are great canvases for hanging art and adding interest to your space. So how do you create a gallery wall that is perfect for you? With our tips, you’ll learn what factors are important to consider and why this is a look we love!


Before hanging your artwork, lay them out on the floor and play around with the layout. The key here is to create balance and space between the larger pieces and smaller ones. Trust us, you’ll be happy you had time to experiment with layout before you hang them!

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Selecting a color palette is the easiest way to make sure your gallery feels cohesive and still brims with personality. An easy way to establish this is to pull from colors that are already in your room. Remember to keep in mind that neutral artwork can complement the colors we already have. Mix juicy brights with earthy neutrals for a unique look, but consider a cohesive color palette before you begin collecting.

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Create dimension by varying depths of frames or even adding sculptural pieces to your gallery wall. This will not only help additional interest, but it adds a fun twist too!

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Whether it’s from your travels or a personal photograph, nostalgic pieces are sure to sparks memories. When starting a gallery wall in your space, we recommend selecting a couple pieces that have meaning to you. We love the idea of creating a little moment of joy every time you walk past!

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January 04, 2021 — Stacy Garcia


Rose Gilbert

Rose Gilbert said:

Lovely and helpful,
dear Stacy….
Perhaps you’d consider doing a Zoom how-to workshop for IFDA NY?
I’d be happy to suggest it to David Santiago/Su Hilty.
Rose Gilbert
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