Longtime friend and talented artist Paul Thomas shared some insight with us on his approach, process, and dreams of abstract art. We’re in love with Paul’s vibrant, ethereal paintings which draw from his passionate, creative background. His unique styles have been displayed in private collections, commercial spaces, and exhibits all around the world, and now they’re available for purchase at Shop Stacy Garcia! Read on for our interview with Paul Thomas, and to browse his works available in the shop.

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_PaulThomasStacy Garcia's Dining Room, Art by Paul Thomas

What inspires your work?
The inspiration for my work is multidimensional. Nature is a primary inspiration. I’ve always been fascinated by shifting light and defused light found in nature. Another driving force is emotion. Tranquility, a sense of harmony and balance is something I strive for in my work as well as my life. 

The very nature of Abstract Art is the absence of objects. An Abstract Expressionist painting is better defined by the emotional interaction that the viewer has with the canvas. 

My ultimate goal is to create art that will touch an emotional chord with the viewer. 

What is your creative process?
From a technical perspective, I paint in series of multiple paintings at once. I start with small canvases that are studies for color, composition and viscosity of the paint. Once I’m satisfied with the results paint is applied to larger canvases. For the Stacy Garcia collection, I’ve included some small works that have larger sister paintings. Please feel free to inquire if you’re in the market for larger works of art.  

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_PaulThomasPaul Thomas, Kips Bay Show House

Tell us about your background.
I studied art at The Art’s Students League in NYC. I am classically trained because in order to create any paintings, a traditional education provides the technical ability to work with canvas. An example of my training is in my work you will see a perspective that is often found in realism paintings. This is a result of understanding depth and perception commonly found in classical painting.  

We love the incredible color combinations in your pieces. What inspires the color palette of your work?
The color palate of my work comes mostly from nature. The brilliant colors of spring, the dark rich hues of summer, the powerfully subtle colors of Fall and the contrasting colors of winter. I’ve been inspired by the colors in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Rainbows have fascinated me for as long as I can recall. I have done a few series of paintings based on the light from the stained glass in Sagrada Familia, Sainte-Chapelle and Notre Dame. Color is all around us and my focus is to allow the viewer a moment of colorful bliss. 

Left: "Vibrance" Original Painting by Paul Thomas, 2015, Right: "Recherche" Original Painting by Paul Thomas, 2020

What do you hope the viewer feels when experiencing your work in person?
When a person is looking at my work, I hope they are able to recall a feeling or a time when they were at peace or a time of joy and happiness. For me, my work is about drawing in the viewer. If you look long enough, the paintings reveal their inner soul. The paintings are designed to go beyond the confines of the canvas. Let your imagination run wild and see where the movement and colors take you. 

Who are your favorite artists?
My favorite artist a vast and diversified group. Paul Jenkins, Vermeer, Jackson Pollock, Franz Holtz, Turner, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Albers, Rothko, David Hockney, Carl Appel, Sonia Delaunay, Jean-Michel Folon and Monet. That’s just to name a few. The common thread of all these artist is their use of light and emotion. 


When people view your art, what do you want them to feel?
When people look at my art, I hope the feel a sense of wonderment, a sense of happiness, a sense of calm, a sense of connection, a feeling that they haven’t visited in a while. 

To put it bluntly, I hope my paintings move you in a way that pleases you. If that doesn’t happen then simply move on to either another painting or another artist. Living with art is a very personal and intimate experience. If you really truly love a piece of art you own, you will love it for a lifetime. I say this with experience as I’ve been collecting art for over 45 years and I still have some of the original pieces in my collection. Yes…I do love them. 


About Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas’ work is in public and private collections in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Italy and South America. Some of the highlight collections include, The US Consulate in Florence, Italy, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bologna, The Louis Azzaro Collection, The NYU Langone Medical Center, Montefiore Medical Center, Boston Scientific World Headquarters, Holiday House 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 (Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness) and Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2015. In 2016, Paul’ won ,”Best in Show” at the Architectural Digest Design Show.

Paul has collaborated with numerous Interior Designers including Robin Baron, Charles Pavarini, James Rixner, Alan Tanksley, John Eason, Claudia Giselle, Stacy Garcia, Deborah Martin and Laura Krey.

You can find Paul on Instagram @paulthomasartist, and browse his collection for Shop Stacy Garcia below.

Browse Paul Thomas for Shop Stacy Garcia:

July 08, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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