Washington Square Park Eclectic Home designed by DBH- Manhattan, NY

Joe Human, Founder and Principal Designer of Designs By Human., Inc (aka DBH), specializes in complete interior decorating and design for both residential and commercial projects. His team personally guides clients through every phase of the process with a particular focus on every detail to create a space unique to the customer. With a strong focus on bold colors, eclectic pieces and playful pattern, Joe Human has created a brand which truly stands out. He discusses some tips for mixing pattern in a space and how he carries this throughout DBH’s design process.

Joe Human, Founder and Principal Designer of Designs by Human

Fort Greene Modern Scandinavian designed by DBH- Brooklyn, NY

Choosing to integrate pattern into your home doesn’t have to be an intimidating decision and can be incorporated in many ways to accommodate a varying type of styles for spaces.  As a designer in New York City, it is so exciting when a client is open to color and pattern because there are so many “white boxes” here. Mixing patterns into your home adds depth and personality. You can go all out or be more subdued depending upon your comfort level in your home.

Joe Human’s Apartment on the Upper East Side

Mixing Scales

When searching for patterns that complement each other, keep an eye on the scale and see how they play off one another. Consider pairing a tight-knit pattern with a pattern that is approximately 75% larger in scale. In most cases, I like the larger pattern to be the “base” (IE the walls) and the smaller pattern to be the accent (IE the drapes or furnishings), but as always it depends on the exact application.

Mixing Colors

Patterns and colors together bring so much opportunity! Pairing a pattern and color from the same color family can be an elegant way to add sophistication to a room. Using contrasting colors on different patterns is a great way to make a space more modern depending upon your color choices.

Flatiron Loft designed by DBH- Manhattan, NY

Mixing Types

Don’t be afraid to mix modern and classic patterns together. When mixing such drastic styles, it’s important to keep the colors and scales in check to make it feel seamless and purposeful.

Washington Square Park Eclectic Home designed by DBH Manhattan, NY

Mixing Similar

Similar pattern on pattern is a chic look such as using the same wallpaper and fabric on a headboard. This composition is a more classic approach, typically seen in southern states which makes it a fun, different avenue in New York City. You can pair subdued patterns for a soft, elegant look or something more bold to make a statement.

About Designs By Human:
Designs By Human 
was created to bring specialized design to everyday life. Their team has professional design and construction experience in both urban and rural environments. Designs By Human is able to tailor each project to their clients specific needs. They get excited knowing that no two projects are ever the same and enjoy the challenge of creating custom and unique details for their clients. They work closely with their consultants and vendors to make sure each and every project will become a beautiful space for their clients.

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July 09, 2018 — Stacy Garcia

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