Updating your mantle decor is a great way to refresh your space. Since your mantle is typically the first element that grabs your attention upon entering a room, we love the idea of making a statement. Here are our 5 elements necessary for creating the perfectly styled mantle!


Draw attention to the fireplace by using an element above the mantle to act as an anchor. We love the idea of bringing in color and pattern with a painting or making the space feel bigger with a mirror. Don’t be afraid to keep decorative accessories standing in front of the the art piece.  This creates the layered look that we strive for.

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Styling in odd numbers is more visually appealing, it just is! We suggest styling in clusters of three or five. Try selecting items of different heights to add further interest. On a mantle, we love the idea of using a candle holders or sculptural objects. If you don't have a complete set of something, no need to worry! You can build you own grouping with what you have. Try flanking the edge of your focal point with one of these groupings.

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Make sure the accessories you're using vary in size, shape and height. You can achieve this with a set of candleholders, sculptural pieces, greenery, sentimental items, a stack of books, and more. If you're a fan of a more casual and eclectic look opt for an asymmetrical mantle layout. You can achieve unexpected balance with this style without it being a perfect mirror from side to side.

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We love the idea of always using natural elements when decorating. Fill vases with an abundance of grasses or flowers to bring in a refreshing sense of life! Choose vases with interesting textures, varying heights, materials and colors to offer an eclectic mix. If using flowers, consider color when selecting. Find coral roses to match that painting you anchored your mantle with. This helps the entire space feel more unified.


Although it doesn’t sit on the mantle itself, continue the layered look with a small ottoman or oversized vase to place off-centered at the foot of the fireplace. Another option is to finish the look with a decorative fireplace screen. This really adds the finishing touch to the mantle refresh. 
 Stacy Garcia styling her mantle and fireplace in her home office.

January 21, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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