Decorative trays are a great way to add finishing touches to your space. They can serve as the platform for objects such as designer vases and decorative candle holders as well as conversational pieces. We’ve pulled some helpful examples of decorative trays working to take a space’s style to the next level.


Trays are surprisingly versatile, and can liven up a coffee table, an ottoman, a bedroom, desk, bathroom or even on a counter top, so before you select your tray, think through your needs of space. Use a tray to express your goals for a space and show off your style. Do you need something to hide clutter in your living room, or just something to create a focal point in your kitchen countertop? A simple tray displaying candles over a throw blanket is a way to give a room cozier vibes, while a colorful tray on your coffee table with fresh florals and a whimsical sculpture says you're ready for Spring. 

ShopStacyGarcia_Life-StyledbySG_ServingUpTrayStylingTips_Unsplash_Feb32020Image via Unsplash


We love the way a decorative tray can anchor your coffee table or establishes the base for your centerpiece on your dining room table. When selecting your tray, think through the style you're going for. Traditional or Contemporary? Seeking a more earthy look? Go with a simple natural wood tray. Looking for something more bold? Try a tray with mixed materials, color or pattern! 


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Don't forget the details! You can add a stack of your favorite books, candle holders or decorative objects or bring in some life with fresh floral or plant. To make sure the display feels balanced, vary heights and style in odds. For example, if you have a low stack of books, also have a taller vase. And don't forget to refresh your tray between seasons or holidays! 

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February 19, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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