Spring and summer is all about bringing on the sweets, sunshine, sand, and this year, STRIPES! Discover ways to bring a playful yet sophisticated spirit into your home this season through different inspiring stripe designs! A much more versatile design than you think, stripes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms to inspire a unique space. From the bold styles to the more muted looks we are stripping down what we love about these five striped interiors below!


Change up your space in a bold way by going with a bright and colorful stripe! Shades of warm pinks, yellows and oranges combined with bright greens and blues will create a happy palette that brings us right to those good days of the summer. Shauna Glenn of Shauna Glenn Design goes all out with a multicolor stripe rug for the bright and playful kitchen space. As a place where people come to gather and share meals and conversation, the kitchen is the perfect room to create an energetic and happy vibe in.

Stripes to Style Your Space with this Summer, Interior by Shauna Glenn DesignInterior by Shauna Glenn Design


Make it classy with a simple black and white stripe! Although this is a neutral look, it can still be done in a bold way. If you can't commit yourself to go bold, we recommend using this look as a wallpaper and to bring in color with fun decorative objects and unique artwork (Peel and stick wallpaper is a great solution if you're nervous about commitment). We love how Natalie Papier of Home Ec. brings in warmth and joy reminiscent of the sunny days by stacking books in color coded piles. Style hack - books that you want to solely use for décor can be found for fairly inexpensive in large packs on Amazon!

Stripes to Style Your Space with this Summer, Design by Home Ec.

Try something different... incorporate stripes into your space this season through artwork! Wall art is a great way to bring in personality, color and pattern without disrupting the functional space, and we love the concept of introducing eye-catching design elements this way. This is particularly a good look for those who enjoy more simplistic, neutral interiors, but would like to spice it up a little. Stephanie Kraus of Stephanie Kraus Designs uses a fun abstracted, linear artwork in the dining space below paired with a more neutral backdrop, allowing the art to really POP! We love how her choice of materials also speaks to a cool, summer-y vibe!

Stripes to Style Your Space with this Summer, Design By Stephanie Kraus Design

Switch things up by mixing n' matching different patterns throughout a space, with incorporating stripes, of course! When carrying out this look, be sure to play with a range of scale patterns to create balance while bringing a sense of energy into the room. In the design below, Furbish Studio uses a thin, peachy stripe pattern for the floor to ceiling drapery, allowing large scale global inspired prints to really stand out. We like how a stripe is also seen throughout other decorative items in the space such as the table lamp and larger blue pillows, playing off the concept of repetition. Who else is just loving this interior!?

Stripes to Style Your Space with this Summer, Photo Credit: Furbish Studio

Photo Credit: Furbish Studio


Create a beachy vibe with a navy blue and white sailor stripe. This is a classic summer pattern and can be brought into your space through a number of ways. Give your space a fresh look and upholster the accent chair that sits in a sunny room or find fun decorative pieces such as sculpturally appealing table lamps. Infuse the rest of the space with coastal inspired elements such as wood and rope materials, palm leaves and sandy hues. We love how Dee Murphy of Murphy Design  went with a layered look by placing the thinner, linen striped rug atop a jute rug to add interest and texture. Also choosing a fun, whimsical pattern in your home to offset a stripe, as Dee did on the walls of her dining room in the design below! This bird inspired pattern is super fun and reminds us of our Stacy Garcia Home Ascend Pattern from the Modern Legacy Fabric Collection. Click here to purchase.

Stripes to Style Your Space with This Summer, Design by Dee Murphy | Murphy Deesign, Photography by Zeke Ruelas

Design by Dee Murphy | Murphy Deesign, Photography by Zeke Ruelas

March 29, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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