Wellness and its’ ever-evolving definition have been a huge trend over the last few years. We’ve kept our eye on this trends’ impact on interior décor. It’s nothing new that your environment can have a direct impact on your well-being, but there are more stylish sanctuaries than ever. We’ve rounded up our favorite spaces that have an all-encompassing attitude towards your wellbeing from the outside in.


At first, the eye is immediately drawn to the calm hues and the natural wooden elements. What's most appealing about this space from a wellness perspective is what it's missing, screens. Mikel Welch created a cozy place to unplug, filled with textural throw pillows and botanical elements. We love this space because of it's approachability when it comes to wellness trends. It's not always about the latest and greatest wellness inventions or how many green juices are in the fridge, sometimes it's just about a quiet, screen-free place to reflect. 

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledBySG_WellnessSpaces_MikelWelchDesign By Mikel Welch


Take advantage of windows, extra points if you have a gorgeous view like this space below! A room filled with natural light and bright neutrals can feel roomier and help keep your mind clear. The details in this space designed by Matthew Berman also intertwine to create a stylish sanctuary. The soft earth tones combined with the gorgeous freeform chandelier all blend together to create an environment where everything feels as if it's in just the right place. 

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_MeditativeSpaces_MatthewBermanDesign by Matthew Berman


Everyone knows that there's something about earthy elements that are just naturally soothing. In this space designed by Charles Pavarini, he goes above and beyond just simply incorporating greenery. Varying from subtle accents like crystals and textural wallpaper, to larger elements like linen drapery and oversized botanicals, completed with tons of natural light, this space provides the peace of nature no matter where you are in the world. 

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_WellnessSpaces_CharlesPavariniDesign by Charles Pavarini


Following the previous tip about natural elements, another great way to create a space that's all about wellness is to allow the indoors and outdoors to blend seamlessly together. With the exposed wood beams and smooth transition to a tranquil seating area, this space designed by Charles Pavarini promotes a natural flow and an easy way of living. 

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_WellnessSpaces_CharlesPavariniDesign by Charles Pavarini

How do you design with wellness in mind? Browse our picks from the shop inspired by our favorite spaces!

July 12, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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