As our team is transitioning back to the office and seeing loved ones that we've been missing, the theme of the last few months has been warmth and joy. We're so excited to share all of our new arrivals and how they reflect this theme  - in the most stylish way possible. Whether you're looking for a little style update, or need some inspiration, allow us to introduce you to our favorites! Maybe they'll become your favorites too. 

Stacy started us off by picking a special favorite: "Veiled," an original painting by our featured artist Paul Thomas. "Paul Thomas is one of my favorite NY artists whose work has been shown in high end galleries and exhibitions. I love the movement of his work and the peaceful quality of his technique," Stacy shares. "I am beyond excited to be offering some of Paul’s original art on our shop." To complete the look, Stacy paired our fun fringed throw pillow and amethyst vases as a compliment to the painting. 

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_SummerFavoritesShop Stacy Garcia: "Veiled" Original Painting by Paul Thomas, Bright Multicolor Throw Pillow with Fringe, Purple Glass & Amethyst Vase Set of 2 

Next, our Creative Director Amy shared her picks! Amy's in the middle of doing a little design in her own home and shared that our Hand Crafted Organic Wood Mirror is a perfect piece to tie together her bathroom renovation! She also loved the Vibrant Multicolor Patterned Area Rug and Modern Green & Blue Vases, Set of 2 for pops of color and style. 

Shop Stacy Garcia: Vibrant Multicolor Patterned Area Rug, Hand Crafted Organic Wood Mirror, Modern Green & Blue Vases, Set of 2

Next up, Senior Designer Kaylee picked her pieces with the simplicity of summer living in mind. Kaylee explains that "the soft greens and creamy whites intentionally styled create an inviting space." The color palette is refreshing while also creating a space that offers a sense of reprieve. 

Shop Stacy Garcia: Muted Teal Patterned Throw Pillow, Modern Geometric Cream Area Rug, White Interwoven Decorative Object

Jamie, Accounting Analyst & Associate Operations Manager, adores the Framed Cyanotype Floral Prints with Blue Backdrop, set of four and the Ceramic Blue Table Lamp. She shares that "both caught my eye and would add some beautiful color to my living room!"

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_SummerTeamFavorites_JamieShop Stacy Garcia: Ceramic Blue Table Lamp, Framed Cyanotype Floral Prints with Blue Backdrop Set of 4

Our Junior Designer Julie fell for the Hexagonal Wooden Console, as well as the Coral and Gold Art Deco Inspired Box set. Julie explained that the art deco boxes caught her eye because of the unique color combination. As for the console, she notes that she fell for it because of the three dimensional appearance and textural finish. 

Shop Stacy Garcia: Hexagonal Wooden Console, Coral and Gold Art Deco Inspired Boxes Set of 2

Design Assistant Bethany also shared her favorites, from the Rattan Entertaining Tray our set of Framed Fern Prints. "I love all the new artwork," she shares, "I think these fern prints are stunning because of the contrast between the black background and the bright leafy greens. They bring a piece of whimsy and nature into your home!" Bethany also noted the serving tray as her favorite, since "I think it would be super handy to have as we start inviting friends we haven’t seen in the past two years back into our homes. It's easy to move, so you can put it any room or even bring it outside! Pile it high with drinks and snacks and let the good times begin!"

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_TeamFavoritesShop Stacy Garcia: Rattan Entertaining Tray, Framed Fern Prints Set of 9 

Finally, our Content & Community Coordinator Grayson picked a few items that surprised her! "I'm notorious for not being into birds, at all. However, these prints feel like so much fun to me, and communicate a ton of personality in a subtle way," she notes. "They remind me of the carefree spirit of vacation and also work as a fantastic conversational piece." She also picked the chandelier, and explained "I've started seeing this style all over the place and am really drawn to it. I've always associated the word 'chandelier' with ornate detail and a lack of approachability. However, I love this one because it provides the same kind of impact as the traditional chandelier, but also fits well in a modern, livable space."

ShopStacyGarcia_LifeStyledbySG_TeamFavorites_GraysonShop Stacy Garcia: Framed Tropical Bird Prints Set of 4, Modern Gold Orb Chandelier 

What do you think of our new arrivals? Be sure to browse them all below! 


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July 26, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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