Our coffee tables are such a central part of our homes, and sometimes get chaotic and overrun with remotes, old magazines and other random clutter. When we step into a space for the first time, we automatically look to the table and always appreciate a well-manicured display of bright flowers and beautiful books. It’s easy to find styling your coffee table overwhelming, so here are some examples of coffee table design from the pros and their methods explained to make it a little easier when you take on designing yours. 


Everything about this space is eye catching, from the mixing and matching of pattern and the artfully placed pops of color. Kristen McCory of McCory Interiors carefully curated an arrangement of books, botanicals and a decorative object. A detailed vase with a favorite flower is a fun way to add a bit of pattern and color to your table, and break up other pieces you might want to incorporate. Using books to style your coffee table is a simple way to accomplish a lot. You can choose books that show off your interests to spark conversation with guests or use photo albums to keep favorite memories close by. Here, the books add tie together the plants and decorative objects on the table, giving it variety and personality.


Image via McCory Interiors


We love this example from Mikel Welch of coffee table styling because he executes the rule of threes perfectly (or arranging objects in odd numbers). A foolproof way to make a coffee table look completely styled is to arrange objects in odd numbers. By following a simple formula, it makes a space look complete and balanced. One combination is a vase, a decorative bowl, and an interesting object. Additionally, you could opt for a book, a photograph and a candle, all resting on a decorative tray.

Image via Mikel Welch  


Finally, we love this example because of the coffee table itself. Cheryl Luckett of Dwell by Cheryl uses an ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table. Styling it with the cozy throw blanket, and a decorative tray, it sets up a whole new chic and casual vibe making this living room comfortable in a creative way.


Image via Dwell by Cheryl

March 14, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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