As the summer fades away, the fall season is quickly approaching! Interior Design guru Jesse Leigh Vickers of JLV Creative dropped in to show us the best way to utilize textiles in the home to match the transitioning seasons!


Who doesn’t love decorative pillows, cozy throw blankets, and rugs, rugs, rugs? Textiles are incredible: They are the easiest way to make a space feel brand new without changing everything and dropping a ton of cash. The term textiles isn’t just reserved for throw pillows, blankets and rugs. It also expands to bedding, drapery, and towels. So the next time you are looking for a quick home decor pick me up, consider reviving that tired room with a new influx of fabrics.

Johns Island: A Textural Affair


Fall/winter decor can take the route of neutral, textural, and layered for a chic, cozy vibe. Or, you could go rich, saturated jewel tones to maintain a pop of color throughout the year if you’re a color fanatic. For the festive, combining plaids and gingham with neutrals can be a cozy approach to winter decor. Make sure that if you plan on bringing in print with your pillows or drapes that you anchor the print with a few solid fabrics as well so that the prints aren’t competing too much.

Primm Springs: Rustic Modern


Don’t forget the details! Cute embellishments like tassels, beading and embroidery can be incorporated for a little pizazz in your textile game. Incorporate some metallic beaded pillows for a festive winter vibe. Fabric choices play a large role in the transition as well. For fall and winter opt for rich handed fabrics like velvets, cable knits, flannels, and furs.

Park West: Stylish Easy Living

When seasons change the look of your home, you can easily follow suit by swapping out the textiles without breaking the bank.

Jesse Leigh Vickers
Founder & Principal

JLV Creative
Space & Concept Design

August 28, 2017 — Stacy Garcia

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