Last Fall, interior design guru Jesse Leigh Vickers of JLV Creative dropped in to show us the best way to utilize textiles in the home to freshen up for the new season! She dropped by again to give us a few pointers on brightening up our spaces for the Spring!

Jesse Leigh Vickers of JLV Creative

Transitioning your Home for the Spring with Jesse Leigh Vickers

Last time we spoke I shared a few tips to utilize textiles to seasonally update for the Fall season. Now that it's time for a little Spring cleaning let's use textile fun to brighten up your home and a few other ways to sprinkle in some springtime hues.

Waterloo Estates: Johns Island Serenity by JLV Creative


For spring and summer you can opt for pillows, throws, drapes, and rugs that feature bright, happy colors reminiscent of warm weather, blooming flowers, and days at the beach. Think blues, aquas, greens, corals and yellows. You can start with a statement rug and pull colors from the rug to inspire your throw pillows, drapes and accent blankets if you need a little inspiration. Or if you have a neutral natural fiber rug then you can choose whatever vibrant color combination you want without considering how they correspond with your rug! The world is your oyster! Try brightly colored pom poms as a trim to jazz up your solid linen drapes for spring.  Go with cottons and linens for a lighter, airier feel more appropriate for the time of year.

The Abbey at Park West: Stylish Easy Living by JLV Creative


Keep your eyes peeled for richly hued vases and lamps. Both of those things are inexpensive ways to instantly infuse a space with color. Think of colors like cobalt, jade green, and rich coral. Don’t be afraid of a colorful lamp! You can find them at all price points and they really make an impact! Sea glass is another great tool to instantly say “Spring is here!” I have a pretty little cluster of sea glass bud vases that I cluster on my coffee table every Spring. I’ve also filled clear containers and low rimmed bowls with colorful sea glass on console tables and to use as dining room centerpieces.

Tanner Plantation: Vibrant Bungalow by JLV Creative

When seasons change the look of your home can easily follow suit by swapping out the textiles without breaking the bank.

March 14, 2018 — Stacy Garcia

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