Decorative throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to bring your home back to life. They can completely transform a room from feeling outdated to feeling new, in just a few minutes. However, with the thousands of different pillow designs out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down to the style you’re looking for. You have to consider your reason for wanting a change. Is your current space feeling dull? Are you looking for a seasonal refresh? Or maybe it's just time for something new? With any of these goals, we’re giving you our three favorite ways to update your living space using pillows!


The easiest way to warm up your living space for winter is with decorative accents like pillows. Spaces like your living room, a reading nook in your master bedroom, or even your home office are great spaces to update for the season. Consider materials like wool, velvet and faux fur create that cozy atmosphere you want to unwind in either after a long day. Try a more simplified color palette  with a mix of neutral solids, plush material and simple pattern to add a calming and cozy feel to the space.

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When decorating with pillows, remember to have fun with it! We love mixing and matching by playing with different scale patterns and pillows to create a look that is eclectic, but still feels thoughtfully edited. Use our formula: Pair a large scale pattern with a simple pattern like a stripe. Tie the look together with a grounding solid color pillow. Using different textures, shapes and sizes will make your space feel balanced while adding interest to the space. This is the approach you’ll want to go for if you’re tired of your current space and want a bold refresh! 

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As Spring symbolizes rebirth, it's only right that we freshen up our space with inspiration from the outdoors. Think light and bright. Pair stunning nature inspired hues like mineral green and warm yellow with classic neutrals to ground the palette. Consider material as well. Go with cottons and linens for a lighter, airier feel more appropriate for the spring and the summer. 

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January 18, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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