Our friend, Allison Eden, is a talented and highly regarded glass mosaic artist, creating unique tile patterns and artwork for a wide range of projects. From holiday windows at Bloomingdale’s and a customizable fabric collection through LebaTex inspired by her designs, she is a versatile and accomplished designer. Allison’s vibrant and colorful personality is translated through the decor in her New York City apartment.

How would you describe your apartment’s design aesthetic? Since you decorated your home yourself, what inspired you to design it this way?
I would describe my apartment design aesthetic to be a bolt of technicolor wonder! I love hot colors and my artwork stands out on the colorful walls. I also designed my color pallet in the dead of winter and at the time was craving bright happy colors to come home to. I am originally from California so I am always craving the sun, therefore, I painted my foyer a bright yellow and my living room orange. It truly gives me warmth and makes me happy!

Allison Eden Living Room

Your apartment is filled with your beautiful mosaic work! How do you approach the mosaic art in your own apartment differently than work for a client?
When designing for a client I really listen to what they are saying to me regarding their design aesthetic – I want them to love their tile and know it was made completely unique to them- I make everything by hand so I tweak patterns and color ways to suit the clients needs- There are so few hand craftsmen and I am so proud to be one of them- In this time of immediate satisfaction and easy amazon purchases,  I believe that really putting beautiful thought and time into designing your home and using beautiful finishes is so important and hand crafted glass art tile adds such a beautiful persons map touch- one that your Nextdoor neighbor most likely won’t have-

The mosaic work in your apartment is so extensive! Is there more work you are hoping to add?
Yes- I have a lot of mosaics in my apartment- I love tile!! And I especially love MY tile- I have done my kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace  and wetbar obviously but there are so many other places tiles can be used- it’s so easy to clean and lasts forever- I put a mirrored disco ball floor in my closet and it’s show stopping- I am actually discoballing my entire closet and adding a large disco ball with a motor and lights- Who wouldn’t want to get dressed in a festive closet like that??

Allison Eden Foyer

You mentioned that you’ve traded mosaic work for some of the paintings in your apartment. Tell us more about these pieces and their meaning.
Most of my friends are artists and we have known each other since art school in the late 80s. Some have made it really big and some are still struggling. When I started trading with friends I had no money but I had great art mosaics and they had great art! We all knew and hoped one day that one, or all of us, would be a sought after artist and our collection would be priceless and meaningful- and if not it would be the expression that we would all have a memory to that time! I have such a personal connection because my pieces are all from my friends. Walking through my apartment it’s an ode to my life and the people who surround me-I guess one day I hope we all proudly hang in the MOMA together!

Do you have a favorite piece of décor?
I have been lucky to have inherited my in-laws and my parents furniture from both Gary and I growing up. Both our mothers had very similar taste and even used the same Royal Copenhagen dinnerware so I have a set of 24 of everything including egg cups! Everything in my apartment has such great memories and meaning to me; a happy home is very important to me.

Allison Eden Fireplace

You’re well known for your colorful, vibrant color and fun, funky patterns. How did you create your home to be uniquely yours?
When I was designing my apartment I wanted it to be conducive to large flowing parties and also big sit down dinners. I love entertaining and having friends and family over all the time. I wanted to create a comfortable and easy entertaining apartment with luscious furniture and a back drop of bright colors and beautiful artwork. My apartment is a pre-war with high ceilings and a big fireplace so really when you have good bones to start with you really can’t go wrong! It’s all about putting it together in a way that looks beautiful and is functional at the same time.

What is your favorite room in the home? Why?
I don’t have a favorite room but I need to be in love with every room I go in!

Allison Eden Living Room

How does your personal fashion style impact the design of your apartment?
My personal fashion style has impacted my design of my apartment as I needed a lot of closets built! I love designing clothing when I’m not making mosaics and my outfits take up so much room once they are all bedazzled with feathers and crystals. I also have lots of hair pieces and facinators that I need to store, so an important element in designing my apartment was to have lots of closets.

What is the best advice you would give someone when decorating their own home?
The best advice I could give someone when decorating their home is, your home is your sanctuary, your respite from the crazy outside world! Make it your own, love everything in it, don’t just put elements for convenience! Love every design element and you will be happy and in turn, love to be home. I always say if you love it then it will work, sometimes some balancing has to be done but I love designing spaces to be a cozy, happy home.

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January 10, 2018 — Stacy Garcia

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