We spoke with Lindsay Narain, founder of VAUGHAN, a clothing line that specializes in chic blouses for women. Lindsay gave us a peek into her charismatic home in Singapore. We think you’ll agree that Lindsay’s energetic personality shines through in the decor of her home!

Lindsay Narain Living Room

Who designed your home?

I worked with Design Intervention, a design firm based in Singapore.

How would you describe your home’s design aesthetic? What inspired you to design it this way?

Bold, bright and fun. I have two preschoolers and a dog at home so this is not a time for fussy furnishings or white minimalist decor.  I wanted everything to be fun with lots of personality and definitely nothing precious that could be ruined. It’s important to me that a home is a place people will feel relaxed and not worry about putting their feet up and getting comfortable. The bright colors and patterns definitely help with this. The chandeliers add a touch of formality, we do entertain quite a bit… but again, it’s a bit of unbreakable bling.

Lindsay Narain, Founder of VAUGHN
Lindsay Narain Dining Room


How does your location in Singapore influence the aesthetic?

There’s definitely a tropical influence when it comes to the leopard prints and tropical wall paper in the master and children’s bedroom. I felt a bit limited by the local furniture stores – none really had quite what I was looking for, so we went custom for most of our furniture and upholstery. Singapore is also a place where we do lots of entertaining at home, so we definitely had that in mind when designing our place.  It’s a comfortable family home and also works well for both dinner and overnight guests.

What challenges did you face in designing your home?

Our staircase was a huge project.  We purchased the home with a hulking 2 story wrought iron spiral staircase without risers and with lots of gaps.  Not ideal for the two little ones. Design Intervention helped create this amazing 2 story bespoke staircase. Basically, we added risers and the entire thing was covered in Italian plaster.  It was a huge job but we are so happy with the result.

Lindsay Narain Home Entrance

What is your favorite room in the home? Why?
I love my living room with all of the bright colors and soft textures. Its where the family reconvenes after a long day for a snack and a glass of wine.  There’s always a lot of energy and love. The children and dog are constantly scampering to the door to greet everyone who enters.

Do you have a favorite piece of décor? What’s its story?
We have a caricature of my husband that was done about 15 years ago.  Its the ugliest thing, but some how it’s followed us between 3 countries, 4 cities and 6 moves.  I guess it’s meant to stay.

Lindsay Narain Balcony

How did your career as a womenswear designer influence your design choices?
My design career emboldened me to take risks and trust my instincts.  We definitely made some choices that were anything but safe (my favorite chaise lounge is a bright blue velvet with a woodgrain print – not for the faint of heart!) This is not the typical gorgeous minimalist home you see on Goop or in Arch Digest.  It’s a little crazy and a little 80s/90s but I like that it’s different and has a big personality.  Not unlike my family! Without a background in design, I might have second-guessed some of our decisions… I’m so glad I didn’t!

What is the best advice to give someone decorating their home?
Trust your instincts and avoid the safe choices. Take time to buy and create rooms you truly love and that speak to you and your lifestyle. After all, you’ll be the one spending time there – you might as well love it!

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October 27, 2017 — Stacy Garcia

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