As winter blankets the world in its natural beauty, there's a wonderful opportunity to invite the enchantment of the season into the heart of your home. Imagine transforming your living spaces into a winter wonderland, capturing the serene allure of snowfall and the cozy feel that defines the season. In this blog, we will give you the step by step on how to give your home the perfect winter refresh to start 2024 off with style!




Step 1: Keeping Cozy with Area Rugs



Begin your winter home refresh by laying the foundation with cozy rugs! Opt for rugs with neutral tones, featuring designs inspired by frosty patterns to bring an element of the season indoors. Be sure to embrace the warmth and comfort of high-pile rugs, created a haven where you and your loved ones can gather and unwind!


Step 2: Capture Winter's Essence with Wallpaper



The key factor in bringing a winter feel into your home is wallpaper! It serves as the largest surface area in your home, so what better way to make your place feel like a winter wonderland than with walls that are designed with snow, frost, and tones of the season in mind. Choose patterns that mimic winter mist, snowflakes and frost, or opt for plaids and delicate woods. The best color options are pastel blues, light greys, whites, and soft creams! Let your walls be a canvas for bringing in the magic of a snowfall.


Step 3: Elevate with Gorgeous Throw Pillows



Elevate your homes cozy level by adorning your sofas, beds and chairs with gorgeous throw pillows that echo the elegance of winter. Pick plush velvets or woven textures, along with designs and colors inspired by winter scenery. Think snow-white velvet pillows, or textured pastel blues. These additions not only invite you to nestle into a cozy corner with a good book, but also infuse your space with even more winter charm!


Create your Winter Oasis with Modern Eclectic Design



Harmonize your winter home refresh with the principles of modern eclectic design! Merge contemporary and traditional elements to craft a space that reflects your unique taste. Mix in winter themed decor such as candles in frosty hues. Be sure to blend textures, styles and colors to create a cohesive yet diverse aesthetic that mimics the beauty of the winter's diversity. Your home, with its lovely fusion of modern flair and winter enchantment, becomes a personal oasis.


As winter graces us with its quiet and soft beauty, let your home be a reflection of the season's charm. With our cozy collection of rugs, versatile wallpaper, and stunning throw pillows, you can effortlessly infuse your space with the magic of winter. Always remember to decorate with passion, making sure your home is a reflection of what you love! Cheers to the first decorating season of 2024!


January 10, 2024 — S G

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