Envelop yourself in Cosmic Purple, a deep, rich violet with a slight indigo undertone. This color not only evokes a futuristic vibe, but it sparks our desire for curiosity through its mysterious depth. A symbol of royalty, Cosmic Purple creates a dignified feeling of power and luxury. When used with confidence, this impressive color transforms a dull interior into one brimming with character.


A dramatically expressive shade, Cosmic Purple conjures up a sense of creativity and fantasy with unexpected balance and harmony. Pairing it with natural elements is a great way to tone down the space and let the color take center stage. Warm wood surfaces, organic lines and shapes, and earthy materials are grounding, allowing the vibrant purple to stand confidently against them and make a statement. Earthy, brown hues warm up the palette while bright greens and blues accentuate the boldness of Cosmic Purple.


Take it out of this world with Cosmic Purple by using the color in swirling lines and digitally inspired shapes that express movement and evoke positive energy. Illuminating the room with iridescent lighting will help to enhance this effect by giving off a cool, futuristic vibe that is entirely unique and exotic.


Sensual and sophisticated, Cosmic Purple can transform your space into a moody atmosphere. A choice of dim, warm lighting will add to the overall ambiance by creating a romantic sense of comfort and coziness. A mix of soft textures and natural materials will enhance this feeling through the subdued and humble quality of these elements.




Use Pantone PMS 19-3830 TPG or Pratt & Lambert’s 29-16 Imperial and the Stacy Garcia Commercial products below.

Products Shown:Stacy Garcia Commercial for Brintons: Urban Nomad 1/IC97ZSGStacy Garcia for In2Green: Modesto Eco Luxury Throw – Plum/MerlotStacy Garcia Commercial Textiles: Orion – Dark & Stormy Upholstery Fabric 1198-70-ANO


March 15, 2019 — Stacy Garcia

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