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Ready for some more color inspiration from “Color Coach”, Betsy Karp? With the belief that each color has a specific energy and benefit to it, she finds color to be an expression of the light within your being, while the home is an external manifestation of the soul. She tells us that when we get in tune with where our soul wants to be through the emotions evoked by color, we can use beautiful palettes to open up fresh perspectives within the home. Below is the continued color list she has put together which acts as a guide when choosing the color to use in our space depending on the mood we are trying to create!

Betsy Karp, The Color Coach

JLV Designs – White Gables Model, Photo by Rob McDaniel


Brown is the color of protection and family support. It suppresses emotions and allows you to be grounded. It brings protection and support to family life. It’s a color of responsibility and material security. It’s beautiful paired with bright colors or vivid neutrals.


Red is the color of passion, sensuality, and desire. It increases your respiration rate and raises your blood pressure. It attracts attention more than any other color. A red accent on a neutral background can ask you to focus on a single element. Use it sparingly and wisely.

Designs By Human – Washington Square Park Eclectic Home, Manhattan, NY


Indigo is the color of the right side of the brain. It resonates with the new age and modern way of thinking. It conveys integrity and deep sincerity, honoring your truth and authenticity. It is a color about the visionary aspects while staying in tradition and maintaining responsibility. It looks stunning accented with bold, bright jewel tones.

Criteo Workplace, Photo by Darrin Hunter, Courtesy of Dyer Brown


Magenta is the color of harmony and emotional balance. It encourages a strong, balanced outlook on your life while strengthening psychic ability, allowing you to rise above daily drama and conflict. It’s great for change and transformation. Let it manifest in your space as accents – magenta throws, pillows, and artwork can provide you the emotional grounding that you may need.


Yellow is a color that relates to mental stimulation, focus, and the left side of the brain. It’s a fun color that provokes creative ideas and decision making, wonderful as an accent in a study room. It’s about the confidence of who you are and maintaining constants.

Contour Interior Design – Saks 51fifteen designed by Nina MagonPhoto by Julie Soefer


Black is the color that helps you hide from the world. It is the absence of all light and covering while white uncovers. It’s great to hide weight, insecurities, fears. However, it can also be sophisticated, elegant and sexy. It looks beautiful with neutrals or bold color to surround it.

JLV Designs – Waterloo Estates John’s Island SerenityPhoto by Karson Photography


Turquoise is the color of clarity and self expression. It calms the emotions and recharges the spirit. It’s great for the nervous system and to use for thoughts and communication. It works as an accent throughout the house, and a pale hue of it can truly benefit bedroom.

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November 06, 2018 — Stacy Garcia

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