In March, Design Uncensored host Stacy Garcia chatted with Interior Designer and Founder of Dwell by Cheryl, Cheryl Luckett. With a design aesthetic that Cheryl describes as sophisticated yet approachable & easy to live with, Cheryl believes her clients should dwell in a home they love that gives them a sense of well-being both indoors and out.


Interior design wasn't always part of the plan for Cheryl. From admiring her work, you wouldn't know she has actually only been in the business for just over 5 years. During that time, Cheryl has already proven her professionalism. After being a dietician for a decade, Cheryl hit her mid-30s and felt her heart wasn't really in it anymore. Cheryl recalls feeling a "so is this it?" kind of moment. She tapped into her deeply rooted love for design, originating from her grandmother. Her entry into the design world was inevitable. In 2012, Cheryl enrolled in design courses and started her design blog. From there everything really snowballed into how she established her interior design career today.

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When asked about her favorite part of designing a space, Cheryl cited her love for textiles and decorative pieces. Cheryl says that in most of her designs "if you strip away all of the decor, you will be left with a mostly neutral background." Despite her notable use of pattern on pattern and unique color combinations, these elements are typically introduced through less permanent ways. Throw pillows and blankets, rugs, vases other decorative objects can all be easily swapped out and really help to create whatever vibe you may desire in a space. If you're feeling stuck in your space, try swapping out each season to refresh and re-imagine the space!


When hiring an interior designer, or anyone to make major changes in your immediate living space, it's important to know that not each professional is fit for you. Cheryl says she has definitely experienced clients who's personalities didn't mesh well with hers. When explaining her role as a designer she says, "I drive." Her most successful work is done when the client really trusts her and allows her to take the steering wheel in many parts of the design process. One of the first questions she asks a client is "Who are you?" and many times, people struggle to answer this rather unexpectedly deep question. Upon the "self discovery" Cheryl will determine if her more unique approach suits their style and how they will proceed with the project.

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Southern Home describes Cheryl Luckett’s style as "opulence in reach” with “vintage treasures and ingenious restyles” as essential tools in her design kit. Cheryl believes her clients should dwell in a home they love; a place that gives them a sense of well-being both indoors and out. She describes her design aesthetic as sophisticated but approachable; easy and livable. Launched in 2012, Dwell by Cheryl Interiors continues to grow with clients raving about Cheryl’s ability to transform a space, as well as her professionalism and attention to detail.
April 06, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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