With spring as well as our brand new collection arriving, things have been really exciting! With over 400 new arrivals to Shop Stacy Garcia, our team had plenty of great product to sort through and couldn’t help finding a few favorites. We put them together and would love to introduce you to them, maybe you'll find some favorites of your own! 

First, our Creative Director Amy fell in love with our Mediating Lady Sculpture. This sculpture is made from a lost-wax technique when boiling bronze is poured into a mold covering an original wax sculpture that melts away. Once set, there is a very long process of refining the bronze to give it patina.

She was also drawn to the Antique Gold Cutout Accent Table as one of her must haves. Finished in a soft antique gold, this versatile table represents the perfect intersection of modern and folk.


Shop Stacy Garcia: Meditating Lady SculptureAntique Gold Cutout Accent Table

Next up, Senior Designer Kaylee. She is all for a good sculptural side table, so naturally picked the Neutral Marble Pedestal Accent table (which was an extremely popular team favorite, too).  She added that the subtle variation of graining and color is killer! Knowing that the marble will vary in each one made, makes it feel that much more unique and one of kind.

Since bold stripes mix with natural stone accents, she also fell for the Orange Woven Stripe Outdoor Rug Runner. Stripes are inviting and familiar, yet bold! This runner is the perfect way to refresh your outdoor space. Both the rug and the table work well in both contemporary and transitional spaces. You can't go wrong with this winning combination!


Shop Stacy Garcia: Neutral Marble Pedestal Accent Table, Orange Woven Stripe Outdoor Rug Runner

Aimee, our Senior Designer had a bunch of favorites, including our Neutral Diamond Patterned Planters. This set has a small scale polka dot style pattern, and could even work as a great gift! 

For Spring and Summer styling, she found a favorite in our Black Stripe Outdoor Area Rug. Classic stripes are eternally stylish and versatile, making this an easy to style piece for any space.


Shop Stacy Garcia: Beige Diamond Patterned Planters Set of 2, Black Stripe Outdoor Area Rug

Thinking ahead for the warm spring weather, Jamie, Accounting Analyst & Associate Operations Manager, adores the Blue Patterned outdoor area rug and the grey etched planter set of 2. Her reason? She'd love to put both out on her deck! 


Shop Stacy Garcia: Blue Patterned Outdoor Area Rug, Grey Etched Planter Set of 2

Junior Designer Julie also was thinking ahead to warmer weather when she found her favorites. She enjoyed the Tonal Orange Woven Throw Blanket with Fringe, because it's the perfect blanket for outdoor picnics and beautiful beach days. The orange color also adds a touch of rustic elegance & warmth.

She's also always on the look out for great, new art. So naturally, she gravitated toward our Pink and Orange Abstract Framed Prints. The unique mix of colors make it a really fun way to add a pop of color to your walls. 


Shop Stacy Garcia: Tonal Orange Woven Throw Blanket, Pink and Orange Abstract Framed Prints Set of 2

Our Marketing Assistant Casey got to know this collection really well, and couldn't help falling for our Pastel Floral Pillow. She mentioned that she loves the vintage feel of this pillow, with the washed pattern, and not to mention the unique texture!  

She also took a liking to the Turquoise Glass Vases Set of 2 because of the structurally appealing silhouette & turquoise are an eye catcher for a conversation piece.


Shop Stacy Garcia: Pastel Floral PillowTurquoise Glass Vases Set of 2

Keeping fresh flowers and plants in the house for our Design Assistant Bethany is a must, and she was captivated by the White Textured Ceramic Planter. It looks perfect in every room and with every bloom!

She also is a big fan of outdoor living in the summer, and the Orange & Blue Traditional Outdoor Area Rug is the perfect way to bring a work of art to your patio. 



Finally, our Content & Community Coordinator Grayson found love at first sight with the Pink Velvet Armless Dining Chair. She says that "I’m actually obsessed with this chair, and have made sure everyone knows it. The combination of bold color, velvet texture, and unique shape make it so much fun”

She also picked the Beige & Cream Dotted Pillow. Throw pillows are the easiest way to make a space feel decorated and comfortable, and this one is simple without sacrificing any personality.


Shop Stacy Garcia: Pink Velvet Armless Dining Chair, Beige & Cream Dotted Pillow

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out all of our new arrivals! Get our favorites below, or browse the Spring Collection and find some favorites of your own! 

March 23, 2021 — Stacy Garcia

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